eunomia-bpf: A Dynamic Loading Framework for CO-RE eBPF program with WASM

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eunomia-bpf is a dynamic loading library base on CO-RE libbpf, and a compile toolchain. With eunomia-bpf, you can:

  • Write eBPF kernel code only and No code generation, we will automatically exposing your data from kernel
  • Compile eBPF kernel code to a JSON, you can dynamically load it on another machine without recompile
  • Package, distribute, and run user-space and kernel-space eBPF programs together in OCI compatible WASM module
  • very small and simple! The library itself <1MB and no LLVM/Clang dependence, can be embedded easily in you project
  • as fast as <100ms and little resource need to dynamically load and run eBPF program

With eunomia-bpf, you can also get pre-compiled eBPF programs running from the cloud to the kernel in 1 line of bash, kernel version and architecture independent! For example:

$ sudo ecli run sigsnoop

Base on eunomia-bpf, we have an eBPF pacakge manager in LMP project, with OCI images and ORAS. Powered by WASM, an eBPF program may be able to:

  • have isolation and protection for operating system resources, both user-space and kernel-space
  • safely execute user-defined or community-contributed eBPF code as plug-ins in a software product
  • Write eBPF programs with the language you favor, distribute and run the programs on another kernel or arch.

We have tested on x86 and arm platform, more Architecture tests will be added soon.