eunomia-bpf: simplify and enhance eBPF with CO-RE1 and WebAssembly2

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A compiler and runtime framework to help you build and distribute eBPF program easier.


eunomia-bpf is a dynamic loading library/runtime and a compile toolchain framework, aim at helping you build and distribute eBPF programs easier.

With eunnomia-bpf, you can:

  • A library to simplify writing eBPF programs:
  • Build eBPF programs with Wasm2: see Wasm-bpf project
    • Runtime, libraries and toolchains to write eBPF with Wasm in C/C++, Rust, Go...covering the use cases from tracing, networking, security.
  • simplify distributing eBPF programs:
    • A tool for push, pull and run pre-compiled eBPF programs as OCI images in Wasm module
    • Run eBPF programs from cloud or URL within 1 line of bash without recompiling, kernel version and architecture independent.
    • Dynamically load eBPF programs with JSON config file or Wasm module.

For more information, see https://github.com/eunomia-bpf/eunomia-bpf/tree/master/documents/introduction.md.


CO-RE: Compile Once – Run Everywhere 2: WebAssembly or Wasm: https://webassembly.org/